Saturday, November 21, 2015

IKEA Cheras is open!

Groggy. Eyes barely opened, I made my way to IKEA Cheras last Thursday at 7am for its special opening ceremony. Now, I don't usually do well in the mornings. Tap my pulse and you probably won't find any sign of life until I down a cup of coffee ... but that morning I was glad I beat the sunrise to Cheras. There's nothing quite like the buzz and excitement of a new IKEA store opening.

For one, being early meant no traffic. It was a smooth ride all the way to Cheras and the car park had ample spaces for the invited guests. (Two hours later, it was a completely different story). We were treated to 7 years of ABBA music and a very Swedish breakfast. In case you think we were served a box of tacks, "Tack" means "thank you" in Swedish.

A Swedish breakfast

In the box were chicken meatballs with beetroot sauce, hard boiled eggs, pancakes, scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and fried potatoes with onions. Way too much for so early a morning. I couldn't finish the box of goodies.

Swedish breakfast

But we were more fascinated by this tube of fish roe spread. It's kinda like salted fish mashed with mayo. Sounds gross but it's super yummy on KNÄCKEBRÖD.

Fish roe paste

After we had our tummies warmed, we were ushered downstairs for the opening ceremony. Read more here.

Monday, November 9, 2015

My RASKOG makeover and giveaway

Two weeks ago, I was invited to IKEA Cheras for a pre-launch blogger event. I shared what IKEA hacking is all about and demonstrated an easy makeover of the RÅSKOG cart.

IKEA Cheras_9

After my short presentation, I let everyone loose on the RÅSKOG. The creativity in the room was wonderful. The bloggers were really giving the cart their own spin with the materials given. We used tissue paper and ribbons from the FRAMSTÄLLA range and SPRUTT Decoration Stickers.

IKEA Cheras_10

See how amazing we look in orange.

IKEA Cheras_11

Me at work. Game face on.

IKEA Cheras_12

I'm into the whole B&W thing at the moment, so I used the FRAMSTÄLLA tissue paper to wrap round the RÅSKOG cart trays. A decoupage medium would have offered better results but in the time that I had, I used craft glue to stick it on. FRAMSTÄLLA gift ribbons as trim finished the look.

The best part is ... you can win this little cart that I madeover. Here's how:

  1. Repost a photo of my madeover cart on your Instagram and caption why you want to win it.
  2. Tag me @IKEAHackersOfficial and hashtag #IKEACheras & #IKEABuilt4Me before 14 Nov.
  3. I'll select a winner and IKEA Malaysia will send the cart over to the lucky one.
Note: This giveaway is for Malaysian residents living in the Klang Valley. 

IKEA Cheras_13

IKEA Cheras_14

IKEA Cheras_15

Update: The giveaway has ended. The winner is @poison_ivy_916. Congrats!