Saturday, October 24, 2015

1 RAST, 14 Ways to Dress it

In fashion mags, they will take a piece of clothing ... a simple dress or shirt and show you 6 ways to dress it. Well, the RAST chest of drawers is kinda like that. Squat, square, and solid pine (which is a good thing). On its own, it's plain, almost dowdy, nothing to write home about. But when it is dressed up, my-oh-my, does it shine! Add some bling, shod it in pointy shoes and it becomes cheekily fun, even glamorous. Don't believe me? Look at these 14 ways to dRASTically (sorry, couldn't resist that) makeover the RAST.

IKEA RAST chest of drawers

Give it some alchemy

Dresser hacked into library card cabinet

See Shirley weave her magic on the RAST, turning it into a nostalgic library card catalog card cabinet. Read more.

Dress it shabby chic

Shabby Chic IKEA dresser

Laura dresses it down with a distressed paint technique to up its cute quotient. Read more.

See the other 12 ways to skin the RAST.

1 comment:

  1. I really love looking into your hacker's blog. It's amazing how some of these storage units look like after you've done jazzing them up! And it looks so simple to do at home ourselves too that I think I might want to go out to IKEA and try some of this stuff out myself if I had a spare room in the house to tinker with!


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