Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A sneak peek at the IKEA 2015 catalog

So it is here again! The IKEA 2015 catalog could be heading towards your mailbox even as you read this.

This year's catalogue themed, "Where the Everyday Begins and Ends" highlights the bedroom and the bathroom where most people start and end their days. Judging by the new "Bedroom" products that will be launched and the recent Shakespearean bed ad, IKEA seems to be indeed pushing the bedroom scene.

I have not seen the new range in person but from the photos released to the press, they look good. I am smitten by the ARKELSTORP (how in the world do you say that?), which according to its designer, Ebba Strandmark is a "modern interpretation of furniture that has roots in Swedish folklore." Solid wood too. No particleboard stuff here.

Let's move on to the photos and the many that caught my fancy.


An expandable drop leaf coffee table. And I love that red armchair too.  

Half moon window tables. Very versatile.

This desk looks like a keeper.

Then there is the HURDAL. It would be a hit for those who love the country farmhouse vibe. Pinewood and traditional lines and curves. And very hackable, I must add.


Country style bed with storage drawers.

Love this HURDAL linen cabinet in green. May make a good hideaway TV cabinet or shoe rack too.

The kiddos are not left out either, with IKEA offering the little ones fresh new textiles. I do find the colours more muted and the patterns subdued compared to years past. A nice change. Furnishing a child's room does not necessarily warrant loud colours.


For the bathroom, I have not seen anything much. Except this cheerful pair of stools, GLOTTEN. Nothing like a little yellow to brighten up the mornings but I don't think it can beat the BEKVAM in terms of stability and durability.

Beyond the bed and bathroom, I like these NYMO lampshades. In fact, I spotted the black one on my recent trip to IKEA and was keen to buy it. But I couldn't find the stock besides the sample piece. I will definitely hunt it down as it would make a gorgeous lamp on my nightstand.

The last one I want to share in this sneak peek is this dual purpose container-serving bowl. I have been doing this for ages with my mismatched bowls and plates. Finally, maybe the contents of my fridge will look chic.

You can have a preview of the new range here. Or view the digital version of the IKEA 2015 catalog beginning July 24.


  1. Jules, the catalog is out and that lovely Arkesltorp range is nowhere to be found! Any insider info?

    1. I am surprised too to not find it in the catalog. Perhaps the Arkesltorp is not going to America.


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