Saturday, January 11, 2014

What a year it was!

Busy, busy was the word for 2013.

I migrated the site from Blogger to Wordpress and spent a few months in living hell, fire fighting server issues and inching up Wordpress' steep learning curve (for a non-techy like me). But I foresee smoother days ahead. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for hanging in there with me as I tweaked, prodded and improved the the site. Some recent changes include:

> Changing the way the search results were displayed. No more pop-ups. Yay.
> Restoring missing posts from May to July 2013 which were not migrated from the first install. The hacks are now back to their rightful places. However, I wasn't able to import over the comments. Bummer. But I am not giving up yet and will still be looking for a solution to this.
> Server down issues. I will be migrating the site (again!) to another host in probably a few days. It has CDN and all that fancy stuff. Hopefully, the new host will deliver faster loading times and better browsing experience for you.

Still on my to-do list (and the most requested feature) is to reinstate chronological order of hacks. That will come back in 2014. For. Sure.

And now ... on to more exciting stuff. The last few days, I have been knee deep in hacks - reviewing and shortlisting my top 10 favourites for the Hack of the Year 2013! What a phenomenal year. Lots of interesting entries and my heart is rent with having to omit so many from the list. The list should be done in a day or two ... so look out for it. And if you have a favourite, do leave a comment below so that I can consider it.

Thanks again for your support, whether you are a first-time visitor to my site or a long time friend. You've made 2013 an awesome one for me and IKEAHackers.

Keep hacking!