Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's getting hot in here

It seems like I've been twiddling my thumbs since my last post. Noooo....

I've been working like crazy and some how updating Jules' wasn't very high on the priority list. I took a long hard look at my scope of work and decided that my personal blog should be what it is - some thing I write for fun and when I have something I say. With no pressure to update. 

Now that I've got that off my chest ... onto the exciting stuff ... the IKEAHackers site makeover. It's a major one, I tell you and I am pretty stoked.

The site has been looking rather blah for a long time now, mainly due to my limited skills. This time round, I engaged the services of a pro and he's been cranking some cool ideas and interesting stuff for me. I can't wait for the big reveal, which I hope will happen some time in June (or early July, I hear him pleading now).

Here's a sneak peek.

There is still lots to do - mainly the categorising and labelling of hacks. Plus lots of rethinking of the hack submission process, search function and community/social aspects of the site. It is major, as I said.

Yup, that's the illustrated "me" on a mission. Hacking is serious business. Yeaah.

While I'm tweaking under the hood, if you have suggestions and ideas, please comment below or drop me a mail. As always, my goal is to make IKEAHackers the best that it can be and I welcome your input.

Don't be a stranger. Comment away now.


  1. Was just checking out your post about a new upcoming look for IKEA hackers. I personally like the simplicity of the current site but as long as it stays simple and lightweight in file size, then upgrade away! :)

    Will you be moving off the platform?

  2. It's getting close. Launch date set for Sept 8. Yes, I will be moving away from Blogger. Fingers crossed that you'll like the new design.

  3. Simple is better. I liked the straightforward design before which made it easy to view recent posts. Now, it is harder to view and load on my mobile device which is my main way to check in. I used to visit daily to see the latest adds.

    I find the smaller pictures, in the grid form more difficult to view. The category/title on the picture itself seems tacky. Maybe the grid form would be more pleasing if the sidebars weren't taking up as much of the screen as they currently due.

    Love the site and access to so many great ideas. Prefer a cleaner, less flashy view.

  4. I am very grateful for IKEAHackers. It's one of my MustView sites and i have had many great ideas form it. But... sadly i must echo the above commenter. I used to visit it almost daily.

    Since it has changed, it is so "busy" and distracting, that it takes a big effort to look at what one wants to see.

    Thus I would now visit it only once a week. What a pity!

    I understand the need to have ads on such a site, but please limit the flashing, moving ones, OR get rid of the two contrasty blue-and-white sidebars. Both these things inhibit people from looking at the site in peace. I might even LOOK at the ads if there was less distraction going on! Now I just grit my teeth and zero in to see if there is any new hack since my last visit, whilst trying hard to ignore all the rest, ads included.


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