Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have a merry season

Free printable from Simple as That

Just a note to wish all my friends and readers a Merry Christmas! Hope you are enjoying the holidays. I surely am.

Talk to you again, after the new year.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

All set for the invasion?

Found an old IKEA commercial on the "terror" of holiday guests descending from out of town. Nice one.

I'll be going away to be with family and much needed r&r from tomorrow till the year end. I imagine there will be loads of eating, talking, laughing and cooking. Love that! How will you be spending your Christmas holidays? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pretty gift box toppers that are so easy to make

It's a small miracle: I am almost done with Christmas shopping and am starting to wrap the gifts. Woot! No more mad rush and paper cuts the night before Christmas.

Seriously, it does feel good to get the shopping done and not fight with the throng of last minute shoppers. And now that I've started prettying up the gifts, I realise I don't hate gift wrapping as much as I thought I did. I must admit that it feels good to give (and receive) a pretty gift, not a "what's that mummified thing in gold paper?"

So for the 3 of the most darling women in my life, I sure hope they'll enjoy receiving these.

Sweet, aren't they?

The gift toppers are made from cupcake liners I have left over from the Christmas ornaments project

In the boxes are these adorable jars of hand cream from The Face Shop. Cute as pie.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I made my Christmas ornaments from cupcake liners

I have a tiny tree, about 2 feet high and it is made of wires. Not quite like the live trees in IKEA but for my small apartment, an unconventional tree works much better. I was getting rather bored with the gold ISIG ornaments I bought a few years ago and was contemplating getting some new ones. IKEA's Christmas range this year is very tempting (which is fast running out, a little bird told me) but I wanted to do something different.

Then while searching for inspiration, I came across this gorgeous wedding pom-pom garland made from cupcake liners. I thought, surely the idea will work for ornaments too. So the experiment began.    

- Cupcake liners: I used the JULKUL from IKEA (RM9.90 for 200 pieces in 2 different sizes. They have it in grey too) You will need about 12 - 16 liners per pom-pom, depending on how dense you want it to be.
- Ribbons or other embellishments
- Craft glue
- Nylon string (I used a thin fishing line)
- Needle
- Scissors

Flatten each cupcake liner and fold it in half, with the wrong side facing out. You should end up with fan like thingies. Then apply glue on one half of the liner and paste a second liner on top of it. Do try to get the frilly edges to match up but if they don't, it's not a big deal. It won't be too noticeable when you fluff it out.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My review of the ODDJob tool + Giveway

I do quite a bit of tinkering around the house. Nothing major. Just a nip and tuck, here and there which may not require me lugging out the big guns aka my power tools. So I was pretty happy when I was sent a set of the Odd Job tool by Crescent for review.

It's touted as 11 tools in 1. Needless to say, I was excited about this nifty little thing because ever since MacGyver and his Swiss Army knife, I've always like multi-tasking tools. Besides, I had just the "odd job" that I could apply the tool to.

After fighting with the plastic packaging for about 2 minutes, I held this baby in my hand. It felt heavy and sturdy, which is a good thing. Not flimsy or plasticky. Definitely looked more expensive than the $19.97 price tag (as found on Amazon).

Read the rest of the review and details of the giveaway after the jump.