Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday yellow and blues

One of the best things about running IKEAHackers is that when others go to work, I go to IKEA. And I always prefer to go on a Monday. Why? There are a gazillion times fewer people. No queue at the cafe or the wee room. Just peace and quiet. On Mondays, it is almost therapeutic to be at the "yellow & blue".

The mission of today's outing was simple - to spot any hacks at IKEA. This was inspired partly by the new 2013 catalogue where I saw a few "hacks" of sorts. So I was itching to see if they did any at the store.

It started at the cafe. Needed the coffee (and a meal, which was a rather unsatisfactory fried rice with chicken wings. Okay, the wings were tasty - tender and juicy but the rice, meh. Stick to meatballs.)

I was happy to see the new PS range. Interesting but nothing in this year's range caught my fancy. Except maybe the bench. But a big maybe.

Then, hah. I see a hack. A BILLY with fabric backing (see my tutorial) and magazine holders made pretty with fabric. I must say that I am quite infatuated with the TRÅDKLÖVER fabric. Looks lovely in a frame too.

Next. Spotted LOBBO shades in new clothes. What's interesting is the use of different fabrics on the outer and inner sides of the shade. Gives a touch of surprise when you peek under.

Lastly, saw a smart use of the BYGEL rail. Makes a slim "shelf" for things you need to reach for all the time. Love the idea.

And that's it. A very short round-up of hacks at the store. Did you spot any at your IKEA store?


  1. I have always thought it unfair that the stores are able to mix and match fabrics in ways that we can't buy (don't think this happens in the catalog, though)--believe it violates the spirit of IKEA.

    Came across this and thought the group here might enjoy it:

  2. Yes, I do wish they let us buy smaller sample sizes than by the meter.

    The link is funny. Thanks for the smiles today. :)


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