Monday, October 22, 2012

Ohayo Gozaimasu Tokyo!

Photo: MADDUX99

Yes, for the next 9 days I will be in the land of sashimi and pachinkos. Can you tell, I am super excited? Japan has always been on my bucket list, probably ever since ... Ultraman. The hours of my childhood spent watching him trounce bad asses in lizard rubber suits with terrible fit, motor skills and a super long zip at the back. How fun! It was so uncomplicated then.   

Anyways, the reality is that there is just too many awesome places/things to go/see/do in Tokyo and I only have two full days in the city that kisses the sun. (Before I make my way to Kyoto and Osaka.) What are the absolute must-sees? If you have any suggestions, please, please let me know. Arigatou gozaimasu.

Photo: h185555
Photo: m24instudio

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday yellow and blues

One of the best things about running IKEAHackers is that when others go to work, I go to IKEA. And I always prefer to go on a Monday. Why? There are a gazillion times fewer people. No queue at the cafe or the wee room. Just peace and quiet. On Mondays, it is almost therapeutic to be at the "yellow & blue".

The mission of today's outing was simple - to spot any hacks at IKEA. This was inspired partly by the new 2013 catalogue where I saw a few "hacks" of sorts. So I was itching to see if they did any at the store.

It started at the cafe. Needed the coffee (and a meal, which was a rather unsatisfactory fried rice with chicken wings. Okay, the wings were tasty - tender and juicy but the rice, meh. Stick to meatballs.)

I was happy to see the new PS range. Interesting but nothing in this year's range caught my fancy. Except maybe the bench. But a big maybe.

Then, hah. I see a hack. A BILLY with fabric backing (see my tutorial) and magazine holders made pretty with fabric. I must say that I am quite infatuated with the TRÅDKLÖVER fabric. Looks lovely in a frame too.

Next. Spotted LOBBO shades in new clothes. What's interesting is the use of different fabrics on the outer and inner sides of the shade. Gives a touch of surprise when you peek under.

Lastly, saw a smart use of the BYGEL rail. Makes a slim "shelf" for things you need to reach for all the time. Love the idea.

And that's it. A very short round-up of hacks at the store. Did you spot any at your IKEA store?