Friday, September 14, 2012

My 10 minutes

The Malaysian Women's Weekly wanted to feature me in their story about women with quirky hobbies. "Quirky? What do you mean quirky? Doesn't everybody hack their IKEA?"

Nevertheless, the vain pot in me couldn't pass up the chance to be in a glossy mag. So I said yes. I've done a number of press interview ever since IKEA Hackers started, but photo shoots ... well, I've only done one.

I wished I had read Danielle La Porte's "how to look hot in a photo" tips before the flash lights went off. It is hard work to smile. For like 100 shots. Really. To pose like I'm not posing. And. Suck. In. Tummy.

I wish, but no, this isn't me.

I'm on page 185, the September issue!
Here I am in my apartment, with my trusty Bosch driller thriller. And beside me is a Frosta side table I hacked, based on this one, spray painted red.

Thanks Zai, Raymond and the crew for making it a fun day for me.


  1. Congratulations, Jules!!! (Trust me, you didn't need to read "how to look hot in a photo"... you did just fine!)

  2. I agree, you look great! I just wanted to tell you that I discovered your site last night and I'm not gonna say how many hours straight I've been checking it out but I WILL say I'm exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open, every part of my lower body is totally sore (and that's with sitting on a nice soft couch), I have to go to the bathroom, AND I'm starving!!! I haven't found a site I've been this excited about since maybe EBay! I really feel inspired checking all this cool stuff out. Thanks for the awesome site and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Jess, glad you are enjoying IKEAHackers. Hope you get loads of great ideas and do send in your hacks when you've made your own.


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