Sunday, August 12, 2012

The runaway chair

Hello or should I say Hej, as they say in IKEA land.

I'm Jules and I've been curating IKEA hacks on for some time now and I love it. I wake up everyday and wonder what surprises have landed in my inbox. As long as I continue receiving weird and wonderful hacks from you, IKEAHackers shall continue with its mission of showcasing a full spectrum hacks, from hot mods to easy tweaks.

So why this blog?

It's more of a "me" thing. Just a little corner for me to show some of my personal DIY experiments, both IKEA and non-IKEA. Here, I hope to tell my stories, take you on my journeys and share some of useful tips on solo-preneurship.

At the moment, I plan to post once a week. Let's hope I can keep up with that, what with IKEAHackers' already heavy load.

But I am thrilled to welcome you into my home, my life. Please make yourself comfortable while I brew some coffee. 

P.S. Wondering where I got the JULES T-shirt? It's thanks to the amazing people at


  1. Hi Jules, it's nice to see the person behind IkeaHackers. I'll be sure to check you out as often as your site.
    Thank you for this journey in your life, and welcome to you, too, in yours :)
    Ciao from Italy,

  2. Simo, thanks for dropping by. Come back often. :)


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